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Hi! I'm Phil and we at TOTC are serious about Corsets.

We have sold corsets for over 20 years. Turn of the Century Design have been selling and promoting corsets since the turn of the century. Our corsets were last seen in the turn of the 19th Century so you can see we have a great name for our business. If you want to buy corsets or need to know information regarding purchasing and wearing corsets we are here to help. Our blog will detail lots of information regarding real steel boned corsets. Not the ill fitting cheap types but the lovingly constructed hourglass corsets of the 1890's to 1910's. We are here to help. We sell our corsets on Ebay under seller ID Turnofthecenturydesign. We give a good description of our products, all are ready to wear and in great condition. If you have a question about corsets, the wearing of the items and how to use them as part of a weight loss programme. We are here to help

    Privacy Policy. We are just here to help and advise you on your corset purchase, we are not looking to sell on your information or bother you with irrelevant adverts or emails. If you need help selecting or wearing a corset, please ask and we will be happy to help. look forward to hearing from you.


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