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A blouse with integral corset is just stunning


This is a stunning Victorian inspired corset top with steel busks and lace up back for an hourglass figure and fitted short sleeves. It has stunning black cotton design so could be used as part of an everyday outfit or Steampunk Victorian re enactment Pirate dress, Vamp fancy dress, Halloween or nights in. Fully boned and long laces to create the female hourglass. The corset is made in a tough Polyester and cotton fabric and adjusted at the back with 22 pairs laced eyelets and at the front with 6 pairs of chrome steel busks. This corset can be used for serious tightlacing so the busks and eyelets are sturdy enough to survive lots of wear. In new condition and a great fitting hourglass corset. The high back and push up full front gives a great cleavage. The sleeves are ideal to hold the corset in position when being laced and they measure 15 inches long from the shoulder with a 3 inch turned up cuff. The corset shirt has a collar and V neck. The corset shirt is flared over the hips. A nice touch and make the corset a very flattering item to wear over a skirt. The top has a full length modesty flap on the back. Built into the shirt it has a clever hidden corset which has an amazing 14 steel bone stiffening bars. Total length of the shirt from shoulder to bottom hem is 21 inches. The internal corset at front is 15 inches at the front and the back measures 13 inches. The corset shirt can be tightened to give a great figure with shaped bust & hips. Fully laced will fit the following sizes. Bust 38 to 36 C Cup Waist 34 to 32 inches. Hips 40 to 38 inches. The corset is designed to fit over the hips with formed hip covers.   This is a serious tight lacing waist reducing corset not to be confused with cheap imitations this is a serious tight lacing corset designed to compress the waist. Will take your waist from 34 inches to 32 inches.


Great corset with really long laces to give the perfect hourglass figure. Heavy duty corset.


Made by Corset Story Size 32 in on the label Fully lined in 100% Cotton. Outer in 100% Polyester. Dry clean only.


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