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Special Corset for the festive party nights


This is a Victorian inspired corset with steel busks and lace up back for an hourglass figure. It has stunning black velvet and lace finish so could be used as part of a wedding outfit, re enactment or Victorian fancy dress or nights in. The corset is made in a polyester and cotton fabric and adjusted at the back with 12 pairs laced eyelets and at the front with 5 pairs of steel busks. The style of the corset gives a great figure as it is under the bust. This corset can be used for serious tightlacing so the busks and eyelets are ideal for this. The fastening pins are perfect and the corset is fully serviceable and a great fitting hourglass corset. The corset fits just under the bust line and over the hips and tummy area to give a stunning figure. The centre panel is lace overlay and the boning covers are black twill to contrast with the velvet. The top and bottom edge is trimmed with black twill trim and has a modesty flap under the lacing. Built into the corset it has an amazing 16 steel stiffening bars. Total length at front is 12.5 inches and the back measures 12 inches over the hips it is 11 inches long. The corset can be tightened to give a great figure and fully laced will fit the following sizes. Waist 28 to 24 inches and drops over the hips with clever inserts to fit a hip size 36 to 38 inches.  This will give a hip spring of 10 inches. This is a serious tight lacing waist reducing corset not to be confused with cheap imitations. The laces will need to be opened before putting on then pulled from the centre loops. As these loops are pulled it will take your waist from 28 inches to 24 inches.


Made by Burleska. A great corset with long laces to give the perfect hourglass figure.

The corset is perfect for waist training and ready to wear


Fully lined in 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton. 100% Polymide. 

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