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ERIC ASKS. Does anyone play this game in the UK?

Updated: Feb 1

Recent History The modern history of the organised sport in England starts in 1974. A group of enthusiasts at Sam's Hotel, Shedfield, Hampshire, having enjoyed Petanque on French holiday’s started playing on the cricket club drive opposite the hotel whilst enjoying their Sunday lunch time Pint(s). From this small beginning and with great help from Pernod a team from the UK competed in the World Championships as early as 1975. The governing body began with the British Petanque Association, evolved to the British Petanque Federation and now each country in the UK have their own organisation.

Now Petanque is now increasing in popularity though out the country at an alarming rate. Kent is without doubt one of the strongest areas, however the sport has its foundations in every area of the UK from Scotland down to Cornwall.

The sport however is now played in every area of the UK. Scotland, Wales and England play a. There are over hundreds of clubs in the UK with an estimated 20,000 regular players. Petanque England are the National body in England and the Welsh Petanque Association and the Scottish Petanque Association join them in a Home Nations event every year

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