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Eric asks Can you play petanque when it is windy?

Well Eric, that is a very interesting question. Always watch out for overhead dangers as pistes are normally around trees and light supports. It is always best to keep safe when the wind is blowing and you may ask if it is safe to play. Generally if it is safe to play then fun can be had on a windy piste. It can be tricky to get your balance and there is even a rule to ensure fair play in windy conditions!

Article 12, Jack masked or displaced

If, during an end, a leaf or a piece of paper accidentally masks the jack these objects are removed. If the jack comes to be moved by the wind or the slope of the terrain, for example or by an umpire, a player or spectator accidentally treading on it, a boule or a jack coming from another game, an animal or any other mobile object, it is returned to its original position, provided this was marked. If the jack is moved by a boule played in this game, it is valid.

So the key points here are “If the jack is moved by the wind” it is returned to its original position, provided it was marked. Now we are all marking the jack every time it moves so this should not be a problem. This is one of the reasons we mark the jack. It may become tedious but just imagine the jack blowing towards four of the oppositions boule during an end!

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