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More petanque rules concerning the jack and other animals?

So we are looking at the smallest object on the petanque piste and all the rules that cover the small wooden ball

Article 8, For the thrown jack to be valid

If the thrown jack is stopped by an umpire, an opponent, a spectator, an animal or any moving object, it is not valid and must be thrown again. If the thrown jack is stopped by a member of the team the opponent will place the jack in a valid position. If after the throwing of the jack, a first boule is played, the opponent still has the right to contest the validity of its position except in the case when the jack has been placed by a team member. Before the jack is given to the opponent to place, both teams must have recognised that the throw was not valid, or an umpire must have decided it to be so. If the opponent has also played a boule, the jack is definitely deemed valid and no objection is admissible.

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