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Petanque. A new vision to introduce new players. Part 3

Petanque. A new vision to introduce new players. Part 3,

I can remember the early days of playing petanque at a competitive level. Turning up at pubs and entering a competition. It was a bit of a baptism of fire all those years ago. Playing against experienced players was a bit daunting and making the main competition after the morning rounds was a distant dream. However, I used these games to learn. Why did some players stand where they stood? Why did they not speak to you apart from to agree points? Why was it so difficult to beat these teams? It took years of learning the game and watching as many games as we could to understand what was happening. This apprenticeship in a sport is encountered by many sports players. The main issue with petanque is it all seems so easy at the beginning and becomes difficult when playing against experienced players. Sometimes this difficulty can turn into animosity towards the seasoned players from the new players as they cannot understand why the game they enjoyed with their friends has become a very hard game to even get a point. This web site and the blog is designed to help the new players grow in experience and answer the questions that may help them understand the game in more detail. We are here to help.

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