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Petanque. A new vision to introduce new players. Part 4 New v New

Learning how to play petanque can be a bit of an arms race. As new players become more experienced and learn the tactics and rules they become more successful. The weeks and months of practice give them an advantage over players who are still just playing the same old ways they have always played. This is where problems can arise as the new players who are learning the subtle tricks of the trade play against the players who have not expanded their knowledge or skills. The learning new players playing against the other new players can be left confused as rules are explained to them by someone who does not actually know the rules but what does it matter anyway! It is only a game. Many players have stormed off in a huff and mainly it is just a lack of understanding of their game and not the actual game they are playing. Education is the key but these fall outs litter the sport with disappointment. We are happy to help. If you have a question we will try to answer.

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