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Petanque. A new vision to introduce new players. Part 6 Summary

Petanque. A new vision to introduce new players. Part 6 Summary

We have seen a rise in new players to our sport but it is actually everyones sport. We all need to grow together and learn from each other. New players will have some bad habits picked up as they picked up their first boule. Experienced players also have bad habits picked up along their playing career. The new and old clash will be reduced if the new players are coached and learn the game and the older experienced players give them help along the way in the form of club nights and club competitions. The fury of a petanque game can catch many players out and no one likes to lose but a little bit of tolerance on each side will go a long way to a good competitive game.

On our web site we have an events page. It is used by us to plan where we are playing through the season but it is also published to help old and new players of petanque. Many players use this page as a guide to what is happening across the country and beyond. The sport can be a little intimidating at first for new players taking up the sport and it could be fine playing in your garden and down the local pub or piste in the park. However, if you want to sharpen your skills then playing in open competitions could be the way forward. Our listings provide contact details for entry to these competitions but more importantly venue addresses. You may not want to commit to a full days play and just want to pop along and watch. I know we all love playing but watching the sport can be very interesting to give you a feel of your own play and standards. The petanque crowd are a lovely bunch of people and I am sure you are welcome to ask questions about the game, not when the players are playing! But, pick your moment and you will get friendly advice. Please feel free to visit our events page, its free! If you need any other information about the sport please give us a ring or drop us an email.

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