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Petanque England and Pen-Y-Coed Petanque Junior Award Scheme

Many players maybe interested in the details of the Petanque England Junior award scheme sponsorship by Pen-Y-Coed Petanque. Below are the main details The scheme is to provide a structure for junior players to increase their skill levels and get rewards for their efforts. The steps are designed to be achievable by juniors who will grow with the levels. It was first established in 1997 as a way to monitor and develop skills in our sport in line with similar activities available in other sports. The White award is a basic level to be used as encouragement of new players and provide the first step. The levels become more difficult and over the years some steps have become staged so the levels between Green and Red and Red and Blue have PLUS levels as the tasks are complex and the leap from one to the other was seen as too large. In a system trying to develop junior skills all the steps need to be seen as achievable. Each stage has a booklet explaining the level and there are guidelines for examiners to ensure consistency. The higher levels will require a Coach to take the junior through the test. Over the next few days we will look at each level in detail. How would you get on?

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