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Petanque England Junior Award scheme Red level

RED AWARD Now it is getting tricky!

In order to pass this award participants will need to attempt all the skill activities and must achieve a score of at least 6 out of 12 in every activity. 1 mark is awarded for every time the task is completed successfully.


1. Demonstrate to the examiner that the candidate can lob a boule over a rope that is position at least 3m above the ground consistently into a circle that is 2m in diameter placed at the minimum distance.

2. Demonstrate to the examiner that a candidate can hit a boule without dropping short, using a soft looping shooting method to hit a boule that is placed 50 cm behind another boule at the minimum distance laid down in the International Rules of the game.

3. To hit the middle boule out of 3 that are positioned side by side with a gap of 10 cm between each of them. The boule will be placed at the 6m, 7m and 8 m. away from the circle.

4. Demonstrate to the examiner that a candidate can promote a boule by landing no more than 50 cm in front of a boule and bring both boule to within a 50 cm radius circle, of the Cochonnet at the minimum distance.

5. To be able to point a boule from a squatting position to within 50 cm of a Cochonnet placed at 6m.

6. Be able to complete a competition score card and enter results onto a league sheet.

7. To play as a double a complete game of Petanque adhering strictly to the International Rules of Petanque utilizing all the shots performed in this award. Candidates will pass this exercise providing that they have showed to the examiner that they have worked tactically as a team. This task must be completed to the satisfaction of the examiner in order to pass.


1. Explain to the examiner what is meant by and then give an example of when it would be

appropriate to use the following:

Trailing the Cochonnet. Promoting a boule. Lobbing a boule. Etiquette on the terrain.

2. To inform the examiner of the answers to the following rules:-

Entitlement to move the circle back.

How far a circle and Cochonnet must be from a boundary at the start of an end

All candidates should be able to satisfy the examiner in that they have learnt the basics, and have made significant progress to pass this award. It is expected that candidates should be able to pass this award within 2 years of playing.

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