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Petanque Shooting Perfecting the skill. On Line.

Shooting Perfecting the skill. On Line.

Equipment Required Your set of boule One spare Boule 25 metres of string or twine

Here we are concentrating solely on the line of the boule you are throwing. No matter how good you become, the principles remains the same with shooting. If your boule is not thrown on line it will miss the target boule. In this exercise we are concentrating totally on the line your boule takes from leaving your hand to the time it hits the target boule. The exercise takes a little to set up and may appear a trifle silly but it will bring dividends. Oh and I know it is April 1st but this is not a joke. Draw a circle at one end of your practice area and from the right side of the circle (If you are right handed!) take two lines set three inches apart in parallel up the piste or practice area. This is the channel your boule will take up the piste when you throw. Place a boule between these lines at six metres from the front of the circle. You can now start the exercise.

Practice shooting the boule and score yourself accordingly. Remember we are concentrating on the line. Your boule should land between the lines as you throw and hopefully hit the target boule. If your piste is difficult and you find your boule landing between the lines but bouncing over do not worry. In this exercise you still score those throws. Remember line is everything. If your boule keep bouncing over try to place a little more backspin on the boule during the throw. This can be done by bending the wrist before the throw begins so the backspin is exaggerated. Do not try to flick the boule at the end of the throwing movement as this may lead to sprains. The boule is much heavier at this point due to centrifugal energy. So a slow arm back. Fold the wrist over the boule and then a steady throw with a nice straight follow through. Focus on the lines. Imagine your arm is travelling along the same lines during the throw to give you a nice, straight delivery. Good Luck

How to score

Boule landing between the lines in front of boule 5 points

Hitting target boule 5 points

Maximum score per boule 10 points

Amount of Boule thrown for exercise 30

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