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Pewtanque Shooting Competition the Impossible task 4?

4. A single boule over another boule. Again a tricky situation where we often see players crash into the front boule to move the back boule in a game. We must remember Petanque is not only a sport but an art form. Looping over another boule to hit one just visible behind is a lovely sight. The boule are set up with a 10cm gap between them.

Now that is close, really close. Looks ok from above but from the throwing position looks like just one boule! If things have gone well in the first round this is a make or break task. You will certainly need to give your boule height to come down on the target at up to 45 degree angle. You will need to give your boule the best chance of clearing the front boule but coming down onto the target boule. This takes practice and effort at the longest set up. The loop is everything. Practice with a 70mm high block of wood set up 10cm in front of the boule. The block of wood can be 1ft long if you want. You need something that is not moved very much if you hit it as if you are practicing it is a bit of fuss keep walking forward to set up. Hitting the boule regularly with this set up will give you the all important belief that it can be done time after time. It can be difficult to focus on boule you cannot see. Try to focus on the front boule and attempt to clear it could be a technique that works for you, Four inches long will get you a hit. Focus and technique are used with belief in this task. This is the type of shot most players walk out of the circle sideways to get a better view as the boule comes down. You think I am joking, just watch a few games and you will be amazed! Foot fault!

Points are awarded One point for a hit. Three points if the target boule leaves the circle. Five points for a careau. No points if the boule thrown lands outside the circle and continues into the circle to hit the target or moves or touches the front boule.

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