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Winning Petanque just trying to help

Winning Petanque came from a conversation with Micheal Hourcastagnou together with Phil and Dizzy Murray way back in 2000. During a sunny lunchtime the talk of boules came round to discuss the best players in the country. How they knew things that beginners did not know. The beginners would have to learn the hard way! It was discussed that no real information was available to the new players and many were put off playing after the first few encounters with serious players. We decided to break down the barriers and give information on a monthy e mail. These Petanque tips turned into this website. Now that was 23 years ago. 23 long years and we have helped so many players. We will continue to help but it gets more difficult each year as more leisure players playing for fun do not understand the skill and beauty of our game. They see it as a simple game of luck. Well if you want to get lucky please feel free to follow our tips and advice. We do not know it all but we can try to help as we understand Petanque is an art form.

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